Balance and Choice

Healthy lifestyles are built on balance, managing the calories you consume with the calories you expend. We offer a wide choice of calorie options, including a growing range of great tasting low- and no-calorie beverages, and invest in causes that promote fit and active lifestyles.

Healthy Lifestyles Are Built on Balance

The key to a healthy lifestyle is balancing the calories you consume with the calories you expend, so whether you want to enjoy a full-flavored beverage, a low- or no-calorie soft drink, or a tea, juice or water, our extensive portfolio gives you the options and information you need to pick the right option for you. The choice is yours! Browse the products within this site and read more about our belief in balance.

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Trusted Information to Help You Choose

Looking for the facts? We’ve made calorie information easy to find through our industry-wide Clear on Calories efforts. Calorie information is posted prominently on the front of all of our products and on our vending machines and cold drink equipment, giving you the information you’re seeking at a glance. You also can find information about what goes into our beverages on this site.

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Great-Tasting, Low-Calorie Beverages

If you’re working to get your lifestyle in balance, low-calorie beverages offer a great option for enjoying your favorite beverages with fewer calories. What’s more, recent studies have shown that beverages with low-calorie sweeteners can be an effective tool for weight loss and weight management. In one study, researchers found that dieters who drank diet beverages lost significantly more weight than those who drank only water, felt less hungry, and reduced their risk factors for obesity-related conditions.

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Trusted by Moms, Loved by Kids

Moms have trusted Mott’s for decades, and we’ve responded with products that fit her family’s active lifestyle. Our Mott’s for Tots juice drink has 40 percent less sugar than 100 percent apple juice, and it’s also a good source of Vitamins A, C and E. Mott’s for Tots contains a half cup of fruit per 8 fl. oz. serving and no added sugars. Our Mott’s Applesauce pouches are also an excellent source of Vitamin C. Our Natural Applesauce is made with just apples and Vitamin C, and many of our flavored applesauce pouches, such as mixed berry and strawberry, have no added sugar and only fruit puree or juice and natural flavors.

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Water with a Delicious Splash of Flavor

When you want to enjoy a refreshingly bubbly experience with lots of flavor and nothing else – zero calories, zero caffeine – grab an all-natural Schweppes sparkling seltzer water. Made with delicious bubbly water and just a splash of natural flavor, our sparkling seltzer waters in four delicious varieties give your taste buds a treat while hydrating your body.

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Support for Our Consumers and Communities

As we provide fun, flavor, and refreshment to our consumers, we’re committed to being active, engaged members of our communities. We support fit and active lifestyles through our Let’s Play community partnership, which provides the tools, places, and inspiration to make play a daily priority for kids and families. We’ve committed more than $28 million to Let’s Play since 2011, partnering with KaBOOM! and Good Sports, two respected nonprofit organizations dedicated to promoting active play. By 2017, DPS will provide nearly 10 million children across North America with new opportunities to play and be active. It’s all part of how we balance work, family, friends, and fun with what we eat, drink, and do.

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